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Growing Plants Indoors have a very short list of things they need to be happy and to grow big Buds.

Light is the easy one since more light is usually better for your plants and The Grow Shop has a great selection on LED Lights.

Water isn’t much trouble since any clean water from pretty much any source will do as long as the pH is corrected. The Grow Shop can help you make sure you have the PH levels.

Air is free, and you can move it around with a cheap oscillating fan easy!

Nutrients are the area where many growers get stuck on. Partially, this is because there are so many different types of nutrients available for purchase. Any grower who is just starting out can be justifiably intimidated by the amount of choices to sift through. You just have to know which brands work well for growing plants in your setup. The Grow Shop stocks award winning nutrients with friendly & knowledgeable staff that will help you out.